-Portable Temperature Calibrator -Solar

کالیبراتور پرتابل دما محصول Giussani ساخت ایتالیا

Operating range :
from 200 °C to +1100 °C
Stability :
Resolution :
0.1°C / 0.01°C
Reading Precision :
Uniformity :
قیمت هر عدد :
از 100,000,000 تا 150,000,000 ریال
تاریخ به روزرسانی قیمت :
18 مرداد 1395
در حال حاضر موجود نمی باشد

The portable thermostatic calibrator SOLAR has been designed to carry out laboratory and
field checks of thermocouples and of Pt100; it consists of a tubular vertical well with an
internal quartz pipe and an interchangeable equalising block.
The equalising block, whose large size suits the external dimensions, ensures a proper heat
transmission as well as optimal stability and uniformity values; its interchangeability makes it
possible to test sensors of various lengths, with diameters ranging from 1 mm up to 26 mm.
The block of the standard equipment has 4 holes ( Ø 7, 9, 11 and 13.5 mm); on request,
further versions with different kinds of holes are available.
SOLAR is equipped with a counter-current forced air cooling system, which keeps the
temperature low in the upper part of the well; this system enables to check even very short
probes, without heating the connecting head or the handgrip.
SOLAR is provided with a new PID controller, whose microprocessor ensures resolution
values up to 0,01 °C as well as °C / °F reading; it also enables to set the up/down ramps and
to memorise the operative temperature of the thermostats .
The version SOLAR-2I is equipped with a data acquisition card and two adjustable input
devices (Pt100 3 / 4 wires; J, K, N, R, S thermocouples) with gold-plated contacts and
automatic compensation of the cold junction.
The first input device is for the reference sample probe; this calibration system is provided
with S.I.T. (Italian calibration service) test certificates and it is in accordance with ISO 9000.
The second input device is for the probes that are being tested; hence the instrument can
display the temperature of the well, of the sensor to be tested and of the reference sample
probe, at the same time.
Furthermore, SOLAR is provided with the serial interface RS232; once it is connected to a
PC, it can operate automatically, by means of the software AQ2sp, which enables to carry out
probe calibrations, thermostats tests and cycle life tests; test results can be stored and printed
and they are easily traceable in conformity with ISO 9000 standard values.

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